Synpromics’ products comprise, or are based on, patentable synthetic promoters that are designed to regulate genes in any cell type or any environmental condition.

Synpromics' products vastly improve upon the natural promoters on which the entire biotech industry currently relies to regulate genes. The company's technology allows it to leverage a cell's transcriptome, or gene expression profile, to design and construct synthetic promoters that are only active in a specific cell type that is subject to a particular condition of interest.

This has not been possible until now and consequently there is enormous potential for Synpromics to use its technology to transform gene therapies for a wide range of diseases. The company is currently active in a number of diverse fields, including: Cell & Gene Therapy, Biologics Bioprocessing and Industrial Biotechnology. 

Synthetic Promoter Design

Proprietary Promoter Design Process

Synpromics is developing a strategic portfolio of valuable synthetic promoters for integration into revolutionary new gene therapies.

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Synpromics has developed PromPT, its multi-dimensional bioinformatics engine and DNA assembly platform.

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