In a recent blog by SynbiCITE, the UK’s national centre for the commercialisation of synthetic biology, Synpromics is listed as one of 7 prominent players in the UK’s thriving synthetic biology sector. The blog takes a look at companies leading the way in UK synthetic biology, creating innovative new technologies and driving the growth of the UK bioeconomy.​

Synpromics is credited with ‘Kick-starting the growth of Gene Medicine’, via our unique synthetic promoter technology and proprietary synthetic promoter development platform, PromPT®. Synpromics recent expansion, funding successes and move to new facilities at the Roslin Innovation Centre, were also credited.​

This is further recognition of the rapid development we are making as a company, and testament to the fact that others working in the sector are taking notice of Synpromics as a prominent player and one to watch.​

The full article can be read here.