Synpromics Ltd announces the formal support of Scottish Enterprise’s High Growth Start-Up Unit (HGSU). Synpromics intends to leverage this valuable affiliation to help drive growth as the company transitions from a start-up business to an established globally-focused corporation in the future.
Construction of Mammalian Synthetic Promoters

Dr. Michael Roberts, founder and CEO of Synpromics, commented, “Since founding Synpromics in Scotland last year, we’ve been very impressed with Scottish Enterprise and in particular with the HGSU team. They've proven themselves to be very well-connected within the local life sciences community and they truly understand both the challenges and the opportunities facing a start-up company. They have also exhibited both the technical expertise and the global perspective to understand the enormous potential of Synpromics’s proven and proprietary technology. With our novel capabilities to optimize gene regulation in even the most complex conditions,” Dr. Roberts continued. “Synpromics is positioned to revolutionize numerous biotechnology-driven industries across the life science and green-tech sectors. We welcome Scottish Enterprise’s continued assistance in achieving these goals.”

Campbell Murray of Scottish Enterprise’s HGSU commented, “We recognised at an early stage the potential of this exciting technology and the ambition of the Synpromics team to grow the business into a very profitable global enterprise – we look forward to helping them on the journey.”

“From advice and introductions to financial grants and co-investment funds, Scottish Enterprise offers a wealth of support to young companies such as ourselves,” commented Andrei Lyne, CFO of Synpromics, “and we’ve been greatly assisted by the insights and support that the HGSU team has provided to Synpromics thus far. As we establish our operations and seek to build a world-class network of commercial partners and clients, their depth of resources and breadth of contacts will prove invaluable to accelerating the realization of our vision for Synpromics. We look forward to a prosperous affiliation with Scottish Enterprise for many years to come.”