Collaborating with a leading multinational company is an exceptional achievement for this young biotechnology company, based at Edinburgh BioQuarter.
Eucaryotic Synthetic Promoter Library Screening

This new commercial partnership represents a pivotal next step in Synpromics’ development journey. An initial project is already underway to demonstrate the company’s proprietary technology for use in plant science.

Scottish Enterprise made the initial introductions with The Dow Chemical Company, of which Dow AgroSciences (DAS) is a wholly owned subsidiary. The model we followed was simple – we asked Dow representatives what the company was interested in, and got some of our most fitting young companies in front of them. This provided a valuable platform for Synpromics to showcase its potential and secure this opportunity.

Synpromics has received support from across Scottish Enterprise since its launch in 2012. The company worked closely with our High Growth Start-Up unit to develop its growth strategy, and SMART: SCOTLAND funding was crucial in proving its groundbreaking genetic engineering was actually feasible.

Now, two years later, DAS is partnering with a Scottish start-up for the first time. Alongside this partnership, Synpromics also secured £250,000 from our investment arm, the Scottish Investment Bank.

Synpromics continues to attract funding for its ambitious research, including a recent Technology Strategy Board grant for a collaborative research project with fellow Edinburgh biotech business Ingenza. That project will investigate how genetic programming can be used to enhance the productivity of yeast, demonstrating the enormous breadth of opportunities for synthetic biology.

The company’s patented, synthetic promoters control gene expression and have a huge number of potential applications in research, diagnostics and therapeutics, as well as crop production.

David Lawrence, Synpromics’ Chairman, commented:

Being able to attract the interest of one of the top AgBio companies at this early stage of our development is a tremendous achievement. We believe the synthetic biology industry is emerging quickly and we're well placed to take advantage of that.