Synpromics is emerging as a leader in the synthetic biology field and in particular in developing tools to enhance Cell and Gene Therapy. Read the industry's reaction to its technology.

Inducible synthetic promoters for the production of gene therapy viral vectors

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Corporate Presentation

Precision Control of Gene Regulation through Synthetic Promoters

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Synpromics Ltd Team up with GE Healthcare

Synpromics are a leading developer of synthetic promoters in the field of biosynthetics. CSO & Founder Michael Roberts gives us an overview of the company and explains the importance of their new collaboration with GE Healthcare.  Read more 

GE Reports - These synthetic snippets of DNA coud make a new generation of drugs available to all.  Read more


The CSO describes the importance of leveraging functional genomics for synthetic promoter design

The scope of this chapter is to examine how advances in the field of Bioinformatics can be applied in the development of improved therapeutic strategies. In particular, we focus on how algorithms designed to unravel complex gene regulatory networks can then be used in the design of synthetic gene promoters that can be subsequently incorporated in novel gene transfer vectors to promote safer and more efficient expression of therapeutic genes for the treatment of various pathological conditions. Read More…

The CEO gives an interview on what it means to attract investment

We talk to CEO David Venables off the back of Synpromics securing £2.1m EIS funds and uncover what this funding means for the further development of Synpromics’ proprietary synthetic promoter technology. Read More…

The CSO describes how synthetic biology approaches can be used to improve gene expression

Synthetic Biology is a relatively new discipline within the Biotech industry, having leapt onto the scene over a decade ago, largely emerging to address specific needs arising in the Industrial Biotechnology sector. There have been many definitions put forward over the years, but it is broadly accepted as being the application of engineering principles to improve and exploit biological processes for commercial gain. Consequently, a number of small start-ups predominate in the field and there is a strong entrepreneurial spirit amongst synthetic biologists, akin to that seen in the IT sector, where parallels are often drawn. The vision is that all biological parts can be standardised and taken “off-the-shelf” to build complex biological systems that can be used to improve upon various industrial or, more recently, biomedical processes. Read More…

Bioworld Today discusses how Synpromics technology can be used to improve Cell & Gene Therapy

Synthetic promoters – a new and controllable means of directing gene expression – are starting to be deployed to increase the potency and specificity of gene therapies and to boost yields in bioprocessing. Read More…

Genetic Engineering News feature some of our deals from 2015

Applied GeneticTechnologies Corp. (AGTC) has entered into an R&D collaboration with Synpromics to develop synthetic promoters for enhanced gene therapies, the companies said today. The total value of the collaboration was not disclosed. Read More…

SynBioBeta feature Synpromics in a couple of articles

Synpromics Announces Collaboration to Apply Synthetic Promoters in Gene Therapy

Synpromics: Custom control of gene expression via synthetic promoters

Articles in the local press

Biotech Firm Synpromics Teams Up on Cell Project

Biotech Outfit Synpromics Gets £2.1 million Cash Injection

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