Synpromics is emerging as a leader in the synthetic biology field and in particular in developing tools to enhance Cell and Gene Therapy. Read the industry's reaction to its technology.

Controlled gene expression in the liver

Dr Graham Whyteside presented a poster at ASGCT 2019 describing the design and development of novel synthetic inducible promoters for accurate gene regulation.

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Mastering Gene Control to Enable the Next Generation of Gene Medicines

Michael Roberts presented at ASGCT 2019 as part the Tools & Technologies Forum. View his presentation.

Corporate Presentation

Precision Control of Gene Regulation through Synthetic Promoters

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ARM Cell & Gene Therapy Investor Day Presentation

David Venables presented at this year's ARM Cell & Gene Therapy Investor Day. View his presentation for Synpromics' latest updates.

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Latest Newsletter

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Chardan Webinar

David Venables and Michael Roberts joined Gbola Amusa, Head of Healthcare Research at Chardan, to explore the applications of synthetic biology in promoter design, the role of bioinformatics and the potential of synthetic promoters in gene medicines. Read the key conclusions from the leadership call or watch the webinar here.

Nature Biotech

'To win at gene therapy, companies pick viruses with production credentials' - Cormac Sheridan. Read the article.

Technology Networks

Sarah Haecker Meeks and Michael Roberts discuss 'Accelerating the development of Liver Gene Medicines'. Read the article.  


Synpromics features in the 'Top Ten Biotechs in Scotland to Watch Out For' - Jonathan Smith. View the full list. 

The Scotsman

Sypromics features in 'Vision Scotland: Healthy Options in a new age of enlightenment" - Sandra Dick. Read the article.

Nature Jobs

'Some science and some serendipity' – Jack Leeming interviews Flavia Scialpi. Read the interview.   

Medical Expo e-Magazine

'AI Could Revolutionize Gene Therapy' - Daniel Allen speaks to Dr Michael Roberts. Read the article.

Biocentury Innovations

Karen Tkach Tuzman discusses synthetic promoters with Dr Michael Roberts - "Synthetic Expressions'. Read the article. 

Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology

'Going Forward' Dr Michael Roberts shares insights into the next generation of gene therapy. Read the article.


'Is gene therapy coming of age?' - Dr Michael Roberts. Read the article. 

Inducible synthetic promoters for the production of gene therapy viral vectors

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The CSO describes the importance of leveraging functional genomics for synthetic promoter design

The scope of this chapter is to examine how advances in the field of Bioinformatics can be applied in the development of improved therapeutic strategies. In particular, we focus on how algorithms designed to unravel complex gene regulatory networks can then be used in the design of synthetic gene promoters that can be subsequently incorporated in novel gene transfer vectors to promote safer and more efficient expression of therapeutic genes for the treatment of various pathological conditions. Read More…