Synpromics, an AskBio Company, works in custom built gene expression and regulation. Based in the UK, it commercializes its novel technology in the form of synthetic promoters (Syn-promics) designed to partner specification, which are highly specific at both the cell and tissue level.
Business meeting

Synpromics' technology is a classic example of an enabling technology, that gives a level of control over gene expression which is not possible from currently used natural promoters.

We custom design promoters for a specific purpose, whether this is promoters specific to a particular tissue, e.g. muscle in humans; promoters that are designed to be active only under specific environmental or biological conditions, e.g. promoter only active in a particular cancer cell or only anoxic conditions; or promoters that are active only in response to specific induction, e.g. inflammatory response induced, or chemical induced. By allowing genes to be expressed under such specific conditions, then new products can be developed with greater efficacy and safety.

Synpromics' business model is to create libraries of synthetic promoters in collaboration with partners in the pharma and biotech industry and in return generate revenue through license fees, milestone payments and ongoing royalties subsequent to their integration into commercial applications.