Synpromics technology is applicable to any eukaryotic species and as such can be adopted to develop promoters for crops or for any plant-based system.
Enhancing Trait Engineering and Plant-Based Bioprocessing with Improved Cell-Specific and Inducible Synthetic Promoters

In 2012 Synpromics partnered with Dow AgroSciences to create synthetic promoters capable of expressing proteins in selected crops. This was an important project for the company as it validated the potential value to the AgBio industry of our proprietary technology. For a start-up such as Synpromics to establish this collaboration with a leading multinational at such an early stage in its life was an exceptional achievement. It was also notable that this is the first time that Dow AgroSciences had partnered with a company in Scotland.

High Expressing Crop Constitutive Promoters

Synpromics was able to apply its technology to create a series of promoters that mediated enhanced levels of protein expression compared to industry standard promoters such as the CaMV 35S or Ubiquitin-1 promoters. Selected promoters were nearly five-fold more efficient than the most active industry standard and the company was able to construct more than 50 promoters, each with unique sequences and each mediating a varying amount of protein expression.

Proprietary High-Throughput Protoplast Screen for Genetic Constructs

Synpromics also developed a proprietary high-throughput genetic screening technology based on plant protoplasts, which was adapted to liquid handling robots. The company has used this platform to screen for promoters constitutively active in maize. This automated platform allows the analyses of several hundred genetic constructs per day and is currently available for out-licensing to interested parties.